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We prioritize the most important FAQs for garage door repair. Read on below.

Garage Door Opener FAQS Garden City - Click Here to Download

Glass Garage Door FAQS Garden City - Click here to Download

What can I do when the noise from the garage door opener is so loud?

When opening your garage door generates too much noise, you can replace the chains with the belts to lessen the noise. As explained by experts at Garage Door Repair Garden City, when the garage is located below the living quarters, add ceiling insulation or thicken the padding of your carpeted areas. This will help minimize the transmission of noise to your home.

What happens if I accidentally hit my garage door?

In case you accidentally hit your garage door with your vehicle, have a quick check up on its parts. Some sensitive parts may be misaligned when your car strikes and exert a brute force on the garage door system. If the garage door system is misaligned, it may cause more serious damages which might cause accidents inside the garage.

How can I fix a broken garage door spring?

Garage door springs break at times owing to temperature variations, improper adjustment or plain wear and tear. If the spring happens to snap when in motion, do not try to operate the door in this condition. Broken springs should only be replaced by a skilled garage door technician as they can ascertain if it is torsion or extension, outside or inside lift. Replacing a spring without adequate knowledge is risky business and should not be taken up by homeowners. Our experts can be of help.

How do I check garage doors visually and acoustically?

The experts of our company in Garden City suggest standing inside the garage and have the garage door closed. Use your eyes to check the condition of all garage door parts making sure everything is tightened and nothing is loose. Make sure you don't hear strange noises when you operate the door after lubrication maintenance.

How much does a garage door cost?

This is a bit tough to answer as it really depends on a variety of factors. Would you like a wooden, steel, aluminum or glass door? Will it be a plain design, or will the door have any decorative features? What type of spring system will work best for the door? What type of opener will work best for the door and you? Once you’ve narrowed all of this down, make sure to get a quote that includes installation.

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