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Garage Door Cable And Tracks

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Many residence owners built garages in their homes. In Garden City many buildings have garages too. We need garages for the protection of our car and for hanging out. We store our extra furniture, appliances, junked items and many more in our garages also. Garages are essential to our lives and that is the reason we always make sure you have the finest garage door services in town.  Garage Door Co. in Garden City New York does everything connected with garage door repair, maintenance and installations with high quality and prompt response to keep you satisfied.Garage Door Cable And Tracks

The first garage door’s service that we will talk about is garage door’s springs. We supply two different kinds of garage door’s springs namely torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs work well with a door that has a lot of weight. The extension springs work for light doors. You can also choose galvanized springs. These come in torsion or extension springs and are coated to look better when hanging on your door. Call us today and have us install or replace your door’s springs.

Have you thought about an opener of the garage door? These are great for opening and shutting that garage door without straining your back. We can not only install these for you we can also do Garage doors openers troubleshooting for one that you already have. Our Garage Door Co in Garden City New York will make sure that you buy the right opener for your drive. There are chain drives, screw drives and belt drives. We supply only the greatest in garage doors openers. We bring:

  • Craftsman
  • Sears
  • Marantec
  • Genie
  • Liftmaster
  • Chamberlain

Maintenance and adjustment of garage door are a service that we enjoy helping people with. Keeping proper maintenance done on a garage door will ensure that little problems are taken care of before they become major issues. We will come out every six months or a year depending on what you prefer and do maintenance lubrication on a regular basis on the garage door and all other maintenance needed.

Are you tired of getting out of your car everyday to open and close the garage door? Then you necessitate calling us at the Garage Door Co in Garden City to install a garage door remote. Whether you choose a Clicker, a Multi Code, a Genie Intellicode or a Liftmaster Security we can install it for you and show you how it all works.

Garage doors eventually wear out until you will have it replaced. Our Garage Door Co in Garden City has wooden garage doors, steel garage doors, aluminum doors and Craftsman garage doors. There is a wide variety of all of these styles. We can put back garage doors windows too.

What kind of a garage door’s company would we be if we did not do garage door repairs?  The garage door will eventually need a repair of some kind and when it does we will be there to help you. There are several repairs that might be needed. Here is just a few that we offer:

  • We repair doors off tracks
  • We replace sections of garage door
  • We repair broken releases
  • We repair bottom garage doors rubbers
  • We repair weather Stripping

Our company offers every service there has to do with garage doors.

Glass garage doors are one of the most popular garage doors that we sell and install here at our Garage Door Co in Garden City New York. Our customers like the assortment of glass made garage doors that we offer. We will not only install these doors for you but also show you how easy they are to care for. Interested? Give us a call.

Garage door cables and Tracks are very important parts on the garage door. You need to make sure that if you have any problems with these that you call one of our contractors out right away. We will have them working correctly in no time at all. Here are a few of the issues you may have.

  • Broken cables
  • Cables that get lose
  • Cables came off the drums
  • Repairing bent garage doors tracks
  • Cables Snapping
  • Replacing garage tracks

Our garage door’s service in Garden City New York is here for our customers when they need us. We offer a 24/7 emergency garage door service to all of our customers. If you have a part break in the middle of the night call we and we will come out ASAP to repair it.

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