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Gate Repair Services

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We are proud to be excellent garage door contractors and you can be sure that our work is not done there. “Garage Door Repair Garden City” is also an amazing gate service specialist and has incredible infrastructures in order to cover repairs for both systems equally well. We have sophisticated tools and the pride to work with skilled technicians. Each team has specialized knowhow and knowledge, to make sure all needs are satisfied. You can find everything you need under the roof of our company and you can be certain that our service will not only meet but surely exceed your demands. Gate Repair Services in New York

We provide a series of gate repair services efficaciously

Our technical teams offer great and various services exhausting the needs of each client. Our intention is to see you happy and enjoying a safe gate with multiple accessories, which can make your life easier. For this reason, we're here to answer your questions, offer solutions and provide services, some of which are:

Gate opener replacement

Operators last for a long time but not for a lifetime. With our services, their lifespan can be expanded but it's always good to reinforce security with new swing gate operator systems. We're the best teams for their replacement since we're absolutely careful when we remove the existing opener and install the new one. We help you detect the ideal solution for your home and are extra cautious with the entrapment protection system.

Electric gate troubleshooting

Whenever you have problems, you can trust our automatic gate troubleshooting. We carry excellent equipment and have the experience to understand the true causes of each problem. Of course, we come prepared to fix them as well and you can be sure that your gate will operate free of problems.

Gate intercom repair

There are particularities in each intercom system but rest assured that our technicians are familiar with all brands and all models. We make the best installers and great advisors when you need a new phone entry system and we have expert repairmen for their problems. We arrive as soon as possible and repair intercoms properly.

Rolling gate rear wheels replacement

All wheels of sliding gates are significant. If you notice that the rear wheels are damaged or their brackets and plates are ruined or are loose, call us for repairs. When the damage is serious, we replace them with durable new wheels at your most convenient time.

Swing gate adjustment

Adjusting the swing gate is vital and must take place at once when the movement is not right or the client has a hard time closing the gate. The first thing we check is the hinges and we make sure they are in good condition. We tighten or weld them depending on their needs and if they are damaged, we replace them.

The good thing about Garage Door Repair Garden City is that it has organized teams. This is necessary when obligations are plenty and we feel it is our duty to serve our customers on time. With our exceptional and down to the last detail preparation, we can assure you that services are not merely of high quality but they are offered on time. When the issue you are confronted with is urgent, we are dispatched immediately and are ready to handle the problem. Your safety and the excellent operation of your gate are both ensured thanks to our good work. Call us for any service!

Gate Repair Services - Garage Door Repair Garden City, NY