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The garage door repair tips that all home owners must learn about. Here is a list.

Do not spray or lubricate garage door tracks

It is important to note that when the garage door becomes noisy, it is not necessary to lubricate the garage door track because it can do no good to the performance of the noisy door. It will only add particles to the tracks that will eventually harden, adding further malfunctions to the garage door.

Understanding steel gauges

A steel gauge refers to the thickness and strength of the metal. The lowest gauge numbers have the strongest and thickest quality of steel. For example you will find 27 gauge steel weaker and thinner than a 24 gauge steel. The only exception to this is when doors are constructed with sandwiching techniques. If doors are constructed from two 27 gauge skins and a bonded core, they will actually be more strongly constructed than 24 gauge steel framed doors.

Avoid fixing springs on your own

One of the most common reasons why thousands of people get injured seriously every year is their persistence to fix garage door spring problems on their own. It's best to report problems to Garage Door Repair Garden City or at least seek consultation from our professionals.

Make sure the emergency release works

If you have had your garage door for a while now, test its emergency features like the emergency release and reversing mechanism for automatic garage door openers. The worst thing that could happen is finding oneself in an accident and the emergency features somehow fail. Avoid this scenario by testing the safety features, as our specialists recommend.

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