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What You Should Know About Commercial Doors

11/14/2013 Back To Blog

If you’re the owner or in charge of the maintenance of a commercial outfit that features a garage door, you should be aware of the differences between your system and a residential one.  Owners of a commercial system need to be very careful and particular about its maintenance.  The main issue is that commercial doors oftentimes see much heavier use than home systems.  Just like a car that you use every day, your commercial system needs the same amount of attention.What You Should Know About Commercial Doors

Two main areas: inspections and maintenance

The two biggest factors you’ll need to take into consideration for your commercial system are an increase in scheduled inspections, and an overall increase in attention to routine maintenance. Commercial doors, such as fire station doors, open several times a day, sometimes dozens of times a day.  This makes them more susceptible to wear and tear, and you’ll want to decrease the time between inspections as a result.

Everything goes up exponentially with a commercial system. They’re heavier and use more industrial components, so safety should be taken even more seriously.  When they break down, they take longer to fix.  It’s more important that they’re repaired in a timely manner, because usually in a commercial building security is a big issue – theft and intrusion are big concerns of businesses and public service buildings.

Consider shelling out for an upgrade

With a commercial system, sometimes it makes sense to save money by upgrading your system entirely.  It might be a big expense up front, but in the long run, modern systems are more efficient, and can pay for themselves over time by saving you monthly maintenance costs.  They also use power more effectively, saving you money on your electrical bill.  It might hurt your checkbook at first, but you’ll be happier in the long run.

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